How To Draw MECHS - The Ultimate Guide

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How To Draw MECHS - The Ultimate Guide

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Have you ever watched an animation with a cool bot in it? A robot or mech that just looks like it's a combination of our world, and someone's imagination? Do you remember as a kid watching The Transformers or Go-Bots and thinking of how cool it'd be to draw that?

Do you want to learn to draw something like that?

Well, this is the course for you. We will go through all the steps needed for you to be able to draw the coolest bots around. Referencing real world items, and using those to help us base our drawings and designs in reality.

  • Perspective Basics
  • Simplifying Perspective
  • Perspective Hacks
  • Articulated Frame
  • Types of Joints
  • Referencing Human Figures
  • Drawing Hands
  • Referencing Animals
  • Referencing Real World Vehicles
  • Adding Weapons
  • Choosing Function
  • Adding Mechanics (bolts, hoses, vents, wires, gutters)
  • Blobs to Bots
  • Putting it all together
  • Adding Paint and Effects

Are you ready to make some of your transformers dreams come true? Ready to take your drawing to the next level by combining the technical AND your imagination?

Follow Ed Foychuk here on Gumroad as he takes you through over 3 hours of instruction. We promise you, you won't be disappointed!! Ed has tens of thousands of students, and a proven track record in instruction. With easy to follow videos and templates, How To Draw MECHS is the go-to course for ... Transforming your bot dreams (my one dad joke of the day. lol)

I want this!

3 1/2 hours of video instruction and accompanying work sheets

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