How To Draw Dynamic Action!

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How To Draw Dynamic Action!

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Welcome to How To Draw DYNAMIC ACTION for Comics!!

In this course we'll help you bring your drawings to life! adding dynamic posing and action to your figures will really help them jump off the page, literally in some cases!  A great drawing is more than just knowing anatomy, it's getting the shot right. So to help in that, we'll cover the following topics in the video units provided in almost 3 hours of video material!

  • The Simplified Skeleton - making posing easy

  • How to use references - Photos, figures, and apps!

  • Line of Action - The human body in motion (running)

  • Line of action - Bodies breaking the barrier (Spidey!)

  • Shot framing - Timing

  • Shot framing - Composition and camera pan

  • Foreshortening

  • Effects

  • Fight Scenes - Thumbnails

  • Fight scenes - Finishing

By the end of this course you'll be able to picture and compose far more dynamic pieces of art. You'll take your figures from being stiff and still, to full of life! And you'll have a blast doing it! And you'll understand how to frame the composition of your piece in a more dynamic manner.

So join me in this course that promises to be tons of fun, and ACTION packed!!

*It's suggested that you take my How To Draw ANATOMY for Comics course prior to this, but not an absolute requirement.

I want this!

3 hours of video lessons and accompanying worksheets


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